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Cultist [INT] – Chants of Sublimation [EP]

cultist [int] – chants of sublimation [ep]


If you go through the list of bands, the members of Cultist play in, you might probably see your jaw, drop, with no effort whatsoever. If names were enough to guarantee the success of a musical project, Cultist would be well on their way.

Well, Cultist in an international band: an Italian, a Norwegian and a Canadian, living, presently, in Norway. It is Black Metal, my good people! In my opinion, the fact that the vocalist plays the drums for the MIGHTY Blut aus Nord, is a “must pay attention to”. I have always looked at BaN as one of those special little things, in extreme music. They have that something… but this is not about them, so please pardon my fanboy crush! And please, let us not forget Darvaza, that came and conquered!

The first track sounds a bit like Nachtmystium, which might sound strange to some, I know… and please, it does not sound like BaN, just in case someone finished the previous paragraph with that impression.

Cultist. formed in 2018. That same year saw the release of their first, and only one so far, EP, “Chants of Sublimination”. It is a solid release, no doubt about it. Excellent execution, excellent musicians, excellent music. Does it add anything else? I dare say no, but do we really need that every single new release brings something new and outside the box? We do not. Replicating other people’s music, perfectly, should also be seen as something impressive. Sometimes innovation is wanted, sometimes it is not.

The EP is short. 5 tracks under 25 minutes. Those 5 tracks go by very smoothly, very natural. That is good. I enjoy when I sit down, put on my headphones, and it flows naturally, with no breaks.

The vocals are the standard Black Metal vocals: full of anger, yet melodic; aggressive, but at the same time, harmonious. The guitar work is exquisite. Check, for example, “Chant of the Oldest Sin”, and pay attention to the intricate guitar work! amazing. The ray of light that came out of the dark stormy clouds. The drums are also top notch. As said previously: it does not bring, to the genre, nothing of new, but what it aimed at doing, it did extremely well.

Overall, this is one excellent first release, from a band that, given the member’s background, will always be “asked” to give a lot of themselves in order to maintain the status… hey, just me being bad LOL a work that will please Black Metal fans, without a doubt. (DanielP)

Cultist [INT]

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