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Dismembered Flesh Mutilation – Necrophiliac Decomposition

dismembered flesh mutilation – necrophiliac decomposition

Watch out Mortician, Regurgitate, Dead Infection, Blood Freak, General Surgery and other mincing gore addicts: here comes Dismembered Flesh Mutilation!

Goodie, goodie! And what a treat they have for us, ready to be served on their freshly sharpened meat hooks. Pathologically explicit Gore Grind mingled with ultra-brutal Satanic Death Metal is what this wacked out quartet from Poland dish out. From the very first repulsive second until the last butchered note.

What we get is an extremely meaty drum, almost constantly going into overdrive/blast beats and with a devastating display of double bass bashing, accompanied with a deep rumbling grinding bass and nasty chainsaw guitars that pull up a seismic wall the size of an average Tsunami.

And, as mandatory: the gruesome…errr…beast-like puked prehistoric vocals, that seem to erupt from a broken sewage…in hell!

Song titles are the finest any Gore Grind connoisseur will acknowledge. just have a listen to “Ulcerated Vagina Filled with Maggots”, the more doomy (slower) “The Guartered Torso of The Pregnant Bride”, “Orgy in The Morgue Full of Decomposing Secretion”, the five star gourmet dish “Anorectic Breast Barbecue” and as dessert a Mortician cover, “Zombie Apocalypse”.

Sound stock samples are thankfully reduced to a minimum (intro & outro), leaving more than enough room for the actual songs.

Production on this album is BIG, detailed and fortunately not too polished, thus ensuring maximum gritty carnage.

“Necrophiliac Decomposition” is an awesome album!! It’s a 30-minute roller coaster of pure musical destruction, politically incorrect, without any sense of good taste but with plenty of chunks of sonic carnage.

People who simply can’t get enough of this hyper gore – you know what to do.

Bon appetit! (LCF)