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Nekkrofukk – Antikkrist Venomous Uteroplacental Injekktor of Goat Semen & Mephistophallus Thermonukklear Messiah Violation

nekkrofukk – antikkrist venomous uteroplacental injekktor of goat semen & mephistophallus thermonukklear messiah violation

The Polish Nekkrofukk first came to my attention a few years ago and since then led to a growing interest in the Putrid Cult Records’ label and its releases. Their previous releases always reminded me of a more overt and filthy satanic interpretation of Anal Blasphemy. No explicit SM images nor shocking artwork, but ultra-bestial Black Metal worship with scary pentagrams and other creepy satanic symbols.

Main figure in Nekkrofukk is the infamous Lord K., a shady character that has been defiling Polish churches for many years now. Interviews with this individual usually derail into an avalanche of perverse vociferations and lewd porno-satanic statements.

To this date, “Impurity Winds of Unholy Rites”, “Ejakkulation Evil Storm of Perverse Goatsodomy”, “Blood Vomit Tribute to the Infernal Goatlords”, “Deny the Image of God” and “Bestial Desekkration of Holy Whore & Morbid Abominations” are underground shit stains of satanic gore and smut that would have made the Marquis De Sade blush. And now we have the new 2019 full length. Five brutal and utterly bestial anti-christian Black Metal tracks are being dropped on the listener, each one detonating like a nuke.

The production on his album surely has improved, the sound is far more detailed and diverse, the ludicrous pounding drums have gained a lot of strength, in short: everything sounds more coherent than ever.

“Mephistophallus Injekktor” and “Anus Dei Baptismus” are two juggernauts of slow, ultra-heavy doomish Black Metal blasphemy, with deep growling vocals kinda like that other unholy band on Putrid Cult: Blackhorns. While listening to these dirges of death, all crucifixes suddenly fell off the walls in my house.

Nekkrofukk have never really put the emphasis on warp speed: a track like “Chapel of Sin” sounds more like a satanic ceremonial procession or a unholy black mass.

This occult and dark ceremonial aspect only adds to the overall atmosphere of insanity and power of each track. No boredom here, as each song contains a multitude of variation and sound effects to keep the audience glued to the speakers. Keyboards are used whenever needed to change the texture and to add even more drama to the music. “Bestialska masturbacja” (Bestial masturbation) picks up the pace a bit, while the High Priest of Filth, The Lord K. projectile vomits his heresy and starts chanting ‘Szatan’. “B I Y S” is the last track and seems to unveil the Lord K.’s unholy craving for fresh altar boys.

The Antichrist lives! And his Bible are the albums from Nekkrofukk.  32 minutes in playing time may look a bit short but trust me, after being exposed to this kind of semen stained darkness, you’ll be glad you can hit the shower afterwards.

This is a MANDATORY album for all you satanic extremists out there, as well as one of the finest albums on the Putrid Cult Records’ roster. And don’t say I didn’t warn you! (LV)