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Grimcult – Revelations of Sinister Flame [EP]

grimcult – revelations of sinister flame [ep]

And yet another promising Black Metal act sees the light of day on the Putrid Cult Records’ roster. This time it is the one man band Grimcult with a 6 – track EP.

Grimcult delves deep into the realm of raw old school black metal delivering a slab of rather cold, inhospitable and spiteful Black Metal. There’s no glossy high-tech production on this EP, no hooks or easy melodies, but harsh riffing with creepy keyboards, a coarse demonic voice, all out corrosive guitars and a simple but effective bashing rhythm section alternating from mid paced to blasting speed.

“Revelations of Sinister Flame” radiates no warmth, no pagan epic grandeur but utter darkness and bile, just like can be heard on the first Szron albums, to cite but an influence. Just to give you an idea. The deranged songs deal with the gloomy prospects of dark theïstic satanism, the insignificance of human life and other sickening aspects of pure evil. What makes the music so frightening is the perverted honesty it has been recorded with.

After listening to it, you feel estranged, detached, bewildered and compelled to hit the Play button again.

Too bad it’s only an EP, because this type of well-conceived raw Necro Black Metal as it is being served by Grimcult is hardly heard in this era of hi-tech Black Metal madness and pseudo lo-fi raw bed room/bath room Black Metal acts.

May an equally strong full length be excreted by the next full moon! (LCF)