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Mephorash – Krystl-Ah

mephorash – krystl-ah


The Lesser Key of Solomon states that to find peace in the chaos of life, one must cultivate inner stillness and learn to navigate the storm. However, I’ve often found that to even foster the strength to quell the cacophony that rages within, to rearrange the slivers of one’s own selfsame can lead to further destruction of the soul, but then there are those from their own strife they have chartered these waters, using their own mass of scars to build a vessel to navigate their own storms, even if it may drown their own shores.

These actions have bred some of the most organic and honest art in my humble opinion, allowing the soul who eats upon its metaphorical flesh to become imbued with the intoxicating spirit which it possesses. Such is the same for for ‘Krystl-Ah’ by Mephorash, a Black Metal album can be looked upon as the sextant for which the mind chooses to traverse this celestial aura inked by the obsidian night. For to call this monolith just a Black Metal album would be like referring to a starry constellation that spreads through the lake of ink as “just a night’s sky” for it it is much more, its features are meant to be tasted, for through vision become drunk in its essence.

Through tracks such as the opening, ‘Krystl-Ah’ and the linked , ‘Gnosis’ together with ‘Catrophilia’ exhibit a dichotomy to its ambience for within its musical construct exists both elements that represent all that is seraphic but in the same breath, the beauty is contorted into an aphotic atmosphere where light and dark coexist in the same body. The musical motion takes on a ophiomormous form, as the strings and percussions, coupled with orchestral moments enhances the overall listening experience rendering onto the listener a rather palpable sensation.

As we carry on this trek, our soul yearns to find that which will transcend our senses into an ineffable state, wherein the confinements of human emotions are no longer deemed valid, for our spirits take flight as we ascend above the words written, soar between the notes transmitted and nestle amongst the conflagration of colors upon the canvas. Mephorash manages to forge a conduit that can be welded and within the magick that is imbued, the mind can voyage onto new territories…for what is created here, is more than mere music, it is an esoteric experience that illuminates new waters for us to be baptized in its goetic grace.


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