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Incantation – Unholy Deification

incantation – unholy deification


When a new Incantation album drops you just know you’re in for a treat. The musical formula of the band hasn’t drastically changed over the past decades, and why change a something that works perfectly. Despite the many artists that were inspired by their legacy, Incantation still sounds uniquely as themselves. But that doesn’t mean everything sounds the same, and subtle variations in production and songwriting make every new album something to look forward to. What is a constant though is that the band puts their heart and soul into every record, and ‘Unholy Deification’ is no exception.
With their previous record ‘Sect of Vile Divinities’ standing out as one of the strongest records in their discography, ‘Offerings (The Swarm) IV’ starts off the record with the same qualitative fury until screeching guitars dictate the tempo to drop. Creative drums with subtle pace changes make the song dynamic throughout, and lets the album start with a banger of a track. ‘Concordat (The Pact) I’ continues the onslaught initially in a lower pace, in which the clear production once again shows that a murky dark sound is something that’s embedded into the music, not just in the production. Relentlessly, ‘Chalice (Vessel Consanquineous) VIII’ continuous the victorious song streak with rapid Thrashing sections while ‘Homunculs (Spirit Made Flesh) IX’ is a more crushing and threatening song filled with typical Incantation riffs. Especially the ending with its ominous riffs and lingering notes that slowly flow into a small solo is glorious. ‘Homunculs (Spirit Made Flesh) IX’ then builds on the midtempo pace of the preceding song, slowly unfolding into a more rapid pace as it proceeds.
While up until this point the record had approached a sense of perfection of their more recent style, admittedly the following stretch of songs stay a little bit behind. By no means duds, they are just a little bit less convincing and memorable, at least to my ears. It’s not until ‘Exile (Defile the False) II’ that I’m fully back in my seat. But especially when we reach the colossal, doomy and twin-vocal adorned ‘Circle (Eye of Ascension) VII’ the album finds a conclusion that seamlessly fits with the high quality first half. And thus this short string may take away a little bit from the overall feeling, but at the end of the day ‘Unholy Deification’ still stands as a superior record to ‘Sect of Vile Divinities’.
30+ years down the line Incantation once again make it clear that, together with Immolation, they still rule as true kings of that heavy and dark Death Metal, despite the extensive influx of newer bands trying to emulate a more cavernous sound over the recent years. The passion and dedication that John McEntee and companions put in their music is reflected by their dedicated following that is once again treated to another vintage Incantation record. On album number 13 the band still sounds every bit as angry as they always have, yet to this day they remain down to earth and approachable. Talk about old school to the core.