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Toxic Holocaust – From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction

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After the first compilation album from Toxic Holocaust titled “Toxic Thrash Metal” in 2004 where the tracklist consisted out of some cover songs, now in 2013 the second compilation album from Joel Grind (the brain and inventor of Toxic Holocaust) is a fact. Only now the tracklist is filled with songs from TH itself, more precisely from the full length albums “Hell on Earth”, “An Overdose of Death”, “Evil Never Dies” (where only 1 song is taken from titled “666”) and the last full album “Conjure and Command”. Twenty-two tracks are audible, so along with material from the full lengths, also stuff from singles as “Death Master”, “Reaper’s Grave” and “Gravelord”, the second demo from the band titled “Critical Mass” and the splitalbums “Don’t burn the Witch…”, “Outbreak of Evil” and the great EP “Toxic Waste” (created with Municipal Waste) is being used. Only “A.T.O.M.I.C.” (here the vocals are more polished and don’t sound raw unfortunately) is a very rare track because that song comes from the Japanese benefit album (with the band Midnight) for the Red Cross relief fund released in 2011. Overall seen, this compilation album is a very great collection of 10 years’ worth of Toxic Holocaust along with some rarities that where only available on vinyl. Two songs don’t really cheer me up because of its lack of quality and those are the ones taken from the “Reaper’s Grave” single titled “Reaper’s Grave” itself and “Death Brings Death”. For the rest, if you haven’t heard music from Toxic Holocaust before, this is THE way to get to know this band. Big fans also can buy this with their eyes closed, but they don’t have to expect something they haven’t heard before I guess… But it’s a fine appetizer before they release a new full length album! And the sooner the better if I could decide (Fredde)