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Hooded Menace – Darkness Drips Forth

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So another new full-lenght album from Hooded Menace, which is a happy event because I am a big fan of this sickos from Finland! I know them since their debut longplayer “Fulfill The Curse” in the year 2008 and every release and contained songs that are little hits or the others god damned good! Well now, “Darkness Drips Force”. I have got the Digi CD in front of me and the cover artwork looks fantastic and is again a tribute to the series “The Blind Dead” from Amando de Ossorio. The record has 4 tracks of Doom/Death Metal with a playing time over 42 minutes. The normal Hooded Menace song is a killer one which last for approx. 5 minutes but now the album has only songs with duration of 9 minutes and more. And yes, that means that the tracks are growers because when I listened to this album for the first time I couldn’t remember anything and I was really floored. I must confess that I was a little bit disappointed because of the lack of the cool, killer riffs and hooks? I started the CD again and I´ve promised myself that I don´t stop with playing this album until I am running through the apartment and bang my head while listening to fucking killer riffs. Or the record is subterranean bad, I am broken and will stop with listening to Metal music, aaahhh fuck I will stop to listen to music general! So you can imagine that this band means a lot to me. What happened next: yes…after the second pass I understand it. What I missed was the pure Doom/Death Metal in the style of Hooded Menace. But now I realize that they have evolved to pure and straight Doom Metal with growls. This album is grand with melancholic melodies and slow rotten riffs which are totally morbid. So I don´t have to rampage my inventory because of the missing aggressive tracks which changed from slow to hard. Instead I felt the need to light a few candles and read a book while this storm of melancholic and morbid melodies grabs me and I gives me rest! At the end I’m satisfied with “Darkness Drips Forth” (Sven)