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Maim – Ornaments of Severity

maim – ornaments of severity

Buzz saw guitar sound, pounding drums, fat bass, ugly guttural vocals, from Sweden, got to be Swedish, yes it`s time for Maim. Album number 3 is a really filthy monster, that shows the band even darker than on their previous records, although less catchy in terms of hooks (lyrical speaking). The riffs are some real walls, mixing Grave and some Autopsy-an doomness to make Sweden great again. This shit is straight in your face, fat and organically produced. The great leads give it a plus note. Don`t expect guitar wankery, be prepared for crust, tremolo, and fucking D-beats, pumping basslines and your ugliest vocals you can imagine. If you liked the previous efforts you will find your pleasure with this one too. Only minor, the catchiness from the previous efforts is missing, but still damn great to lose your head.  (DPF)