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Gravdal – Kadaverin

gravdal – kadaverin

Fans of Gravdal had to wait 7 years for a new album, but with “Kadaverin”, the third album in their discography is there. And a lot has happened in those years as Gravdal presents a new face on this album as the predecessor “Torturmantra” is more based on the basic Norwegian Black Metal scene. On “Kadaverin” you will hear some Blackened art that shows that mid-tempo Doom atmosphere and rhythms goes hand in hand with dissonant progressive Black Metal parts. And Gravdal isn’t afraid to throw in some clean vocals (a bit like Mats Levén (Krux) on “Black Room”, but also high pitched as well) or even a saxophone on the title track. Not to get all “Carless Whisper” on your ass, it is really well used to enhance the atmosphere. Not everything suits that well (personally I wouldn’t mind there would be less dissonant parts on it), but there are definitely passages and ideas on this album that are surprisingly well played, especially the solos. For open-minded Black Metal enthusiasts and fans of mid-Enslaved, late Satyricon and Helheim should give this one a try. Maybe you get sucked into the eerie atmosphere as well… (Ricardo)