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Khôra – Timaeus

khôra – timaeus

Inspired by ancient philosophers such as Plato, whose works inspired the name Khôra as well as the album title,  as well as lofty philosophical tropes such as the universe and existence,  this German (Now residing in Ireland) quintet have forged a sound on their debut album “Timaeus” that will leave more just a lingering impression. On a basic level  the band’s stylistic output is somewhat reminiscent of Norwegian symphonic Black Metal giants Dimmu Borgir, mainly during the cleaner vocal work and the drumming style which is crisp, grandiose and powerful. However apart from flashes here and there the similarity remains at a base level. And from that base level Khôra builds a soaring and eclectic sound that undulates and varies throughout the entirety of the album.

Described as an atmospheric Black Metal band, Khôra shy away the usual parameters of this sub-genre and weave their own niche. At times the melodies on offer are jarring; a sinister blend of cold riffs, hypnotic synth and bizarre moods such as in “Noceo” and later on during “The Purge”. Yet at other times the album is catchy and uplifting such as during “L’Annihilateur”, or slow, brooding and evil sounding such as the nocturnal sounding “The Occultation of Time”.  I could try to find the meaning behind the bands lyrics but I’m no student of philosophy, and I’m man enough to admit that Khôra are operating on an intellectual level I probably can’t reach. However, the varied tapestry that the band create throughout this album is a thrilling roller coaster ride of tones, emotions, colours and moods and whilst undeniably a Black Metal album, Khôra through their music and the stunning artwork forge their own path without flinching. (Heathen of the Horde)