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Deathcult [NOR] – Cult of the Goat

deathcult [nor] – cult of the goat

Norweigian act Black Metal Deathcult is a top notch band on Soulseller Records with their previous effort called “The Cult of the Goat. You get the infernal feel of a scythe running down your back as they deliver such profane and evil blasphemic anthems. This is true Norwegian Black Metal!

They have a similar style to bands such as Tsjuder, Mayhem, Gorgoroth, Old Man’s Child and Burzum. Having the real raw and sick sound that has made this genre infamous. Total old school worshipping holding the chalice high. Definitely a cult of darkness! A two horns up…Hell shall be unleashed! Highly recommend this album. (Kenneth Necroholocausto Asker)