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Chestcrush – Demo June 2020 [Demo]

chestcrush – demo june 2020 [demo]


Funny how I mentioned earlier this year that modern bands from UK seemed limited selection. Then got referred to check out Chestcrush’s debut premiere of “Demo June 2020”. As I type out, keep thinking it’s Mayhem’s “Deathcrush” that derived their inspiration for the band’s name…Any who, Chestcrush is a blackened Death Metal/Grind duo based out of Edinburgh, Scotland, providing 4 tracks of less than ten minutes of tuning in.

Cover art created by one of the band members Evan, who provides the bulk being on guitar, bass, vocals, and programming along with DM who covers vocals as well. Art cover reveals a cloud of smoke with a couple arms in motion, reminding me of something off Full of Hell’s past couple album covers and Pig Destroyer’s “Head Cage”.

Starting with “Burden”, there’s plenty of heavily distorted noise with a nice cadence coming from the vocals, creates a very spacious headspace to feel on the verge of blowing your top by 0:58, these guys have a great harmony to combine a higher and lower pitch though out, wish more bands would go for that direction because this is outstanding. Second track and my personal favorite off this is called “Grudge”; adore the abrupt tempo change and can hear more Black Metal styled riffs on this, feeling unsettled but you don’t have the gall to change it or turn it off. “Crushed” is a short but sweet tune, giving time to simmer of who else has this sound, and you can’t quite but your finger on it because you hear different influences being accounted for. Lastly, “Agonal Breath” leaves you feeling almost breathless with just the heart pounding beat alone, finally gasping for air once the track is done, you get a sense that you’re suffocating, very dense sound that’s very well defined for being a demo.

For folks that are fans of Wake, Primitive Man, or Coffinworm, highly suggest this one for yall! (Tori Belle)