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Severe Torture – Misanthropic Carnage

severe torture – misanthropic carnage


Severe Torture is a hard-working band for sure! This Dutch combat-outfit has released a demo, promo, two 7″, mini and two albums in four years of time plus already did a 9-day tour through Europe with Damnation, two tours (1 one week, 1 five weeks) through America with Deeds Of Flesh and Disavowed, a European tour with Macabre and they played a lot of festivals and gigs in Holland and surrounding countries (and abroad). Now their new album entitled “Misanthropic Carnage” is released and a European tour with Cannibal Corpse in September awaits them, so you can’t say they’re lazy bastards concerning their band!

The new album is what’s pounding in my ears and for the people who know their first release “Feasting On Blood”, it’s safe to say that “Misanthropic Carnage” is a worthy follow-up. It’s even better than their first I think. Their hyperfast and raging brutal death metal has gotten even somewhat faster, is more varied and has got a better production, to put it in short.

The music contains more speed changes then before and contain more slow(er) and dragging parts. Also the riffing is more varied (as well as the drumming), yet still contains a lot of recognisable parts, reminding to Severe Torture. The production hasn’t changed much listening to the whole, but in detail it has gotten more direct, clearer and more powerful and especially brings out the bassguitar much better than their previous release. Also the sound (especially the guitarsound) is typical the sound that you expect from this band.

The vocalist still gurles from the pit of his stomach and sometimes lets out a few filthy scream-like vileness, sounding pretty cool. Another positive point is that the songs (of which there are nine on the album. One less than before) are somewhat longer, with “Impelled To Kill” as my personal favourite. Don’t expect minutes and minutes, but in average they last longer. Actually this cd hasn’t got real negative points… It’s not original and sometimes the snare-drum fades a bit in the blastparts, but what the hell?!

This is a very good release, a very good successor to their debut and will make sure that nobody will forget the name Severe Torture easily. 100% DEATH FUCKING METAL!!!!

Hammerheart Records

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