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Konkhra – Alpha and the Omega

konkhra – alpha and the omega

The Danish band Konkhra’s new album “Alpha and the Omega” came down like a bomb from hell blasting brutal tunes and unleashing the demons after 10 long years since their last record. Konkhra’s unique sound incorporates the gnarliest tricks of extreme metal variety along with band’s insane drive to create most thrilling tunes.

The level of energy and emotion surpasses all permissible norms of sanity, the album just begs to be experienced live. I especially dig the abundance of the syncopations and juicy solos, that captivate and make you want to hear more and more. Drumming is on point, vocals are great, chugging guitars, excellent production. A very diverse album, with many memorable tracks that deliver.

The opening title track “Alpha and the Omega” starts off with solid Death Metal later sparking extra joy with a catchy melodic twist. Followed by a very different “Thoth”, that is dark, atmospheric and heavy. In “Babylon” the riffs and rhythm are fire, possessing every living cell and causing involuntary jiggling and headbanging. “Floodgates” – another brutal Death Metal delight, absolutely relentless and satanic. …The list goes on!

The primal metal energy and quality of music in “Alpha and the Omega” is hard to beat. Konkhra know how to have mad fun and deliver that to their listener, so turn it up and party the demons out! Albums like that make 2019 great. Hell yeah Konkhra! (Jamseeker)