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Körgull the Exterminator / Akerbeltz – War & Hell [Split]

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Körgull the Exterminator and Akerbeltz, both from Spain, combine their filth on this split, with each bands playing the same four songs. Two of their own and two from the other. Körgull kicks of with their kind of messy thrash/black in the vein of old Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, not in the last place because of the great female shrieks. The production is pretty well done, too bad the drumming is really sloppy at the fast parts. Joe Bastard is the mentioned drummer and he happens to be the sole member of Akerbeltz, so no surprise the drumming isn’t to well here too… Lucky enough the drums are well hidden in the mix. Akerbeltz plays a bit faster and melodic than Körgull, and I like their style. It has that cold, harsh, Darkthronian influence from the early ’90. Yeah, the vocals are stolen from Immortal but Körgull the Exterminator will never leave the (Spanish) underground, due to lack of quality. Both bands play the same songs, but Akerbeltz really does the better job on this split and they deserve a listening! (Marko)