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Sammath – Godless Arrogance

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Sammath isn’t the most mentioned name when it comes summing up a top 10 of European Black Metal hordes. Sammath is one of those bands who have released good albums but never got the attention they (or he, as Jan Kruitwagen is the main man of Sammath) deserve. My first encounter with Sammath was when I bought the demo “Zwaardbroeders bij de bergengte”, but to be honest, I haven’t given Sammath not a lot of attention as well. Jan & Co. proved me so damn wrong with their new album! With “Godless Arrogance” Sammath delivered a raw Black Metal album in the vein of Immortal’s “Diabolical Full Moon Mysticm”, “Pure Holocaust” and “Battles in the North” combined with some elements of Marduk’s “Panzer Division Marduk”. It’s mostly up-tempo (Marduk) and chaotic (“Battles in the North”) with typical early 1990s Black Metal riffs and melodies (“Diabolical Full Moon Mysticm” and “Pure Holocaust”). Also some abrupt endings of tracks reminds of “Battles in the North”. “Godless Arrogance” is like a barrage coming at you; effective and lethal. (Ricardo)