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Tarnkappe – Tussen Hun en de Zon

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“Tussen Hun en de Zon” is the debut release of Tarnkappe from The Netherlands. First it was released on tape by Sabbath’s Fire Records from France in 2013. At the end of 2014, Hammerheart Records released it on CD and limited 12” vinyl. Although Tarnkappe is not known by the masses, the line-up has some experience in bands like Gheestenland, Lugubre, Salacious Gods and Winter of Sin. Shall we move on towards the music? Tarnkappe presents some fine early Nordic Black Metal covering all the elements. The sound, the vibe, the riffs, grim melodies, the song structures…as said, all the elements. “Tussen Hun en de Zon” has an early Burzum atmosphere combined with Darkthrone, Gorgoroth and Arckanum inspiration. It all sounds very organic and that can be considered as an achievement nowadays. If you are yearning for early second wave Nordic Black Metal, Tarnkappe will brighten your day without any doubt. (Ricardo)