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Wothrosch – Odium

wothrosch – odium


The word ‘Odium’ means “general or widespread hatred or disgust incurred by someone as a result of their actions”. that seems like a good basis for an Extreme Metal band. Wothrosch are brand new Sludge/Black Metal band who hail from the Hellenic capital city of Athens, and  whose debut opus ‘Odium’ has been unleashed on both CD and LP by the mighty Hammerheart Records. And what a crushing debut opus ‘Odium’ has proven to be. Even after four or five listens the oppressive intensity, as well as the animalistic brutality behind the vocal display of Philip Dellas is awe inspiring. Not only the vocal savagery inspires such admiration though. Opening track ”Child’ combines monolithic riffs with a thunderous drumming style that gives no quarter in its unwavering pursuit of chaos! The bass tones are crushing, and there is an almost industrial quality to the bleak guitar melodies running through this album that it is hardly surprising that one Niklas Kvarforth of Shining fame agreed to be a guest vocalist on one of the tracks; so in tune to some of Shining’s work are Wothrosch. There is something so penetratingly disturbing and bleak within this albums fabric, as well as something so urgently violent and volatile in the vocal display. Its as if a chasm of bitterness, anguish and forlorn emotions has opened wide and poured forth every ounce of vitriol, malice and pain in the universe into the tips of each band members fingers, enabling them to create such soul destroying, all encompassing emotional horror. My personal favourite from ‘Odium’ is ‘Disease’; A track that breeds hostility and atmospheric grace in equal measure through the deft application of cold tremolo picking which stands in stark contrast to a maelstrom of blackened riffs and a drumming performance intent on pure cacophony and destruction. Easily an album of the year contender though it only be January!


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