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Cirith Gorgor – Visions of exalted Lucifer

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This is the classic band that I respect but honestly I do not comprehend…what I mean is: active since 1999 and early, this band have done such good quality albums but never reached that level that a black metal band deserves and let you say :” woooaaa CIRITH GORGOTHHHHH 666 YEAHHH!!!! Sometimes the longevity of such bands is misunderstood with their experience to play music, and I disagree on the fact that a band also if in the scene from 15 years, it doesn’t mean at all that is a good band. Time is over now for CIRITH GORGOR, they finally have showed the world that they could be a band to remember cause this album is a very good album. Ok, not a masterpiece , but one of those album that could help to keep the black metal scene alive. We are listening to a black metal band that completely drowns its roots into a “modern” approach, with intricate guitar melodies, leading to exhausting listening, a whirlwind of furious guitar riffs that make the whole album impossible to be such as “straight” to your ears…the dissonant harmonies of their black metal make their music a little bit “complicated” sometimes but in general the great musical proposal is awesome in its evilness…their roots in primordial black metal have driven them to this turning point and to be honest , sometimes in the year 2016 it’s nice to hear such vibes than something raw. I think they made good black metal in the past but nothing more…nowadays Black Metal has lost all…and if you need to survive you must go forward sometimes; tradition in music is important and a fundamental part for musicians itself but creativity is the driving force that a band must always improve to capture “new” adepts but without forget their past. Tradition is represented by that ancient and old mood, surrounded by true evilness, that is not to kill those who not support heavy metal, evilness inside yourself, that particular state of wickedness that makes you spawn great riffs with a guitar and create those feelings with 6 chords only…Black Metal. If you wanna play black metal today, I think you must focus on these feelings, it’s not just playing well and records well . The album deserves attention to those who hail black metal in general cause it has amazing harsh vocals mixed with a furious songwriting… sometimes I ‘ve heard great echoes from the 90’s Swedish black metal: its sounds are generally clear and perfectly balanced, drums parts are incredible.. this is a black metal album of the new era, Hammerheart Records gave them the chance and Cirith Gorgor has taken control: keep going this way, in the modern vast landscape of metal music, evil music needs bands like this. (Cris Pervertor)

Hammerheart Records

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