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Kjeld – Skym

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Sometimes a label rises and falls deep and without any notice vanished from the face of the earth, leaving behind a back catalog with some nice releases but giving room for lots of rumors and speculations. I bet you can name some of those labels yourself, for instance Necropolis Records, Cacophonous Records, Displeased Records, Adipocere Records or Wrong Again Records. Just naming a few. Hammerheart Records, and later Karmageddon Media, called the same taxi like those other labels, headed to the airport and got in a plane with destination unknown and shook hands with Regain Records who was sitting next to them. And from out of nowhere, Hammerheart Records resurrected again a couple of years ago, started re-releasing the back-catalog and signing new acts again. They released the latest albums of Sammath and Tarnkappe, and both are very good. Now I’m listening to Kjeld which is once again high quality. The Black Metal presented on “Skym” is pure, raw, contains a haunting atmosphere (“Ús Grûn”) and is 100% influenced by the Nordic scene, be it everything between early 1990s and 2001. I especially pick out 2001, as during “Gerlofs Donia” I hear some keyboard bits of Emperor’s “In The Wordless Chamber” of the “Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise” album to enhance the haunting atmosphere. The lyrics are in the Frisian language which is suitable to sound grim and cold, especially when it is sung in the way Andras Nagy did on Sear Bliss’ “Phantoms”. Adding up the production and you get one hell of an album! Prepare to be astonished! (Ricardo)