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Ereb Altor – Järtecken

ereb altor – järtecken

The Viking/Black Metal band Ereb Altor from Sweden has been in business for 11 years. “Järtecken” is their seventh full-length album and what an album it is. As always Ereb Altor presents a good mixture of Epic, Folk, Black and Pagan Metal.

The album launches with “Avgudadyrkans Väg” and this Swedish song is the perfect opener for a pagan record. It creates a classic Viking Metal atmosphere, especially the breathtaking chanted vocals, just to develop in an aggressive battle hymn that can only lead the warriors to victory.

Each song on this record is unique and totally recognizable. Next to the catchy riffs they owe it to the perfect vocal performance and production. It is rare that a production is so on point as the music finds the wonderful balance between melodic and dark parts. Ereb Altor are not trying to create something new but instead they pay a huge homage to the pioneers of the Viking, Melodic, Black Metal such as Bathory, Primordial or Enslaved.

As already written all songs are great and then there is “Queen of all seas”, the second track. In my opinion this is by far the best song Ereb Altor has ever written. The growled vocals in the verses, the clean sung chorus and ripping Heavy Metal riffs guide you on your emotional journey to Valhalla, all accompanied by wonderful keyboards.

“Järtecken” is by far the finest piece that Ereb Altor ever made. This record must have made Quorthon smile. This is the kind of music every viking metalhead loves. (HaCeBo)