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Grafskymf – Dräpt Af Myrens Rå [Demo / Re-Release]

grafskymf – dräpt af myrens rå [demo / re-release]


In October 2020, Afskum, the only soul behind this Swedish Black Metal project, wrote and recorded this first demo. Towards the end of that same year, it appeared in a very limited edition (25 copies) on CD via the obscure Nihilstic Noise Propaganda label, then a year later it also appeared on cassette tape and vinyl via Nithstang and His Wounds, respectively.

When you listen to this demo, you are immediately drawn back in time. Back to a period when Sombre Records was one of the leading underground Black Metal labels and released one cult classic after another. The high and raw guitar tone and the generally smooth tempo, in which there are also plenty of moments where some throttle is taken back so it often is reminiscent of bands like Judas Iscariot or Moonblood and sometimes even the less childish (or naïve) songs of Nargaroth. It is very clearly that it is Darkthrone’s ‘Transylvanian Hunger’-based style that Grafskymf also builds on, however, it has been given a more listenable twist that makes it not at all sound dated. That late 90’s and early 00’s atmosphere is certainly there, but it certainly doesn’t pale in comparison with the current generation of bands that weave their Black Metal together in a similar but more modern way and in which the hidden melodies and an adventurous dark atmosphere play an equally vital role. It is those melodies, adventurous keyboards and gloomy interludes that evoke the feeling of times long gone and make ‘Dräpt Af Myrens Rå’ such an interesting and thought-provoking listen.

That Grafskymf doesn’t sound original anywhere, and probably doesn’t pretend to be at all, is the strength of this one-man band. The authentic sound and production are a big part of the success of ‘Dräpt Af Myrens Rå’; as a listener it keeps you enthralled and a lack of innovativeness seems a futility anyway.


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