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Kamra – Cerebral Alchemy

kamra – cerebral alchemy


After a two-track demo/EP from 2021, this new Slovenian metal band propels itself to new levels with their Avantgarde Music released debut album, ‘Cerebral Alchemy’. Kamra is offering a sort of metal that is quite something to chew on, not all that easy to digest, or, at least, to wrap your head around. But those who are willing to sit down through its 40+ minutes will be rewarded with a really interesting and challenging listen.

The five-piece is blending elements from both Black Metal and Death Metal, but not in the way of a band like, say, Belphegor. Instead they bring forth a sound that is far more diverse and, frankly, much more sophisticated as well. With excellent dynamics, the songs range from blisteringly fast and sharp Black Metal oriented sections, but throughout the album it is always just a moment away from a dream-like and progressive passage or a chunky piece of Death Metal. However, it’s never easy, always challenging, with the melody duelling raw and abrasive vocals and the riffs and rhythms never staying the same for more than a few moments.

Avantgarde Music has always been a label that offered quality music that more often than not delivers something extraordinary, genre-(re)defining or otherwise visionary – with only a few exceptions, like Avulsed’s ‘Yearning For The Grotesque’, which was quite the odd one out. To that tradition, Kamra fits seamlessly. Kamra is definitely not your average extreme metal band, there is nothing that just flows the easiest way, making ‘Cerebral Alchemy’ (which, by the way, is quite a fitting title) indeed a thoroughly rewarding ride.

If you consider yourself up for the task, then I definitely would not advice you to pass on ‘Cerebral Alchemy’. The album was released on both vinyl and CD, with Edged Circle Productions taking care of the cassette tape release. Imagine yourself putting on this great record on your player, while holding that great artwork in your hands. That would be great, right?


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