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Mesarthim – Arrival

mesarthim – arrival


Throughout the path of life the soul yearns to remove the yoke which burdens the mind, the very weight that binds the hands, for it is like the wanderer searching for solace, trudging on naked soles, where the feet becomes afflicted with sores, yet the search still carries on, the hope of tasting of tranquility, no matter the cost. The very moment where we stop, to unshackle oneself, if that feeling could be bottled and expanded, the point of bliss, it is one of the most remarkable feelings in my opinion.

But you may be pondering, how does this relate to music? I believe certain melodies, certain notes create the lush garden for the mind to seek repose, the very bed upon which a soul will take rest, and in those moments, feast upon the nectarine of serenity. ‘Arrival’ , the full length album by the Australian Atmospheric Black Metal entity, Mesarthim, fashions cocoon in sound that cradles one’s consciousness in its  celestial aura. 

The zenith of the album’s beauty comes forth in its ability to unify a myriad of musical components into one cohesive body that never ceases to engulf itself with the juxtaposition of energies that permeates through the album. The use of the electronic nuances coupled with the traditional strings and percussions evokes a grandiose sensation in its language, for the very fabric which woven possesses multiple textures that feel animated in its transmission. Tracks such as ‘Arrival Part 3’ and ‘Part 5’  can be looked on as a testament wherein lies the crux of Mesarthim’s pulchritude, for the manner in which these elements coalesced into each other can be likened to the artist that paints the ink of night adorned with the cosmic glory of the stars, where the colors of both light and dark copulate with one another to form a seamless creation.

“Arrival” creates the vessel where solace can be discovered within the walls of this soundscape, but these walls …they seek naught to confine a soul, rather it is within this architecture the mind is fused into this structure wherein a cathartic experience is forged.



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