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Darkened – Kingdom of Decay

darkened – kingdom of decay

Sweden will always occupy the undisputed top position in my mind as the home of the perfectly mixed Heavy Metal genres. Be it the Old School death or Black metal torch bearers or the Melodic Death Metal behemoths, they literally have it all. Darkened can only raise my stock when I make this claim.

Since its inception, Darkened has released 2 EPs and “Kingdom Of Decay” is their first full length album. This album is a classic example of “sticking to the basics”. Yes, this is as pure as a Death Metal album can be. The lightning fast blast beats, the gnarly low vocals, the fast paced melodic guitar riffs: ask and you shall receive. The plethora of Old School madness just gets better with every track.

Tracks like “The Old Ones” and “Cage of Flesh” will remind you of the glory days of Bloodbath, Bolt Thrower and Opeth (their earlier works). Whereas tracks like “1000 Years” provides the much anticipated breakdowns to make things even more mouthwatering.

All in all, it’s a solid first full length album. A must listen for the appreciators of pure 100% raw Old School Death. This proves that you don’t always have to bring the perfect mix of chaos and melody. Sometimes, just the organized and a haunting version of chaos alone is melodious enough. (Besserwisser)