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Höstblod – Mörkrets intåg

höstblod – mörkrets intåg

Höstblod is a one man project from Nothern Sweden and “Mörkrets intåg”, which means “when darkness enters”, is a very beautiful piece of atmospheric Black Metal.

It took 2 years for recording this album.This is his first Black Metal project from Johan who is the brain behind Höstblod. He played in some artist rock bands in his youth. Then, he slowly created interest for classical guitar and he played a lot of instruments on this album. The theme he took for the album are sickness, death and the feeling of emptiness that it brings.

The intro of the album is very melodic and beautiful. Violins and piano create a magical. We can clearly feel the emotional feel of the album from the very first minute. This is one of the best intros in atmospheric Black Metal I heard before. The 43 minutes album got a fantastic instrumentation, composition and arrangement. The classical guitar, the electric guitar, the drums, piano, violins, and many Swedish folk instruments are used on this one. Being this good in every department by one man is very surprising. The production quality is also top notch for a debut album. The vocals switch from painful screaming full of agony to very melancholic clean just to create an awesome atmosphere while the lyrics are all written in Swedish. I bet the only words you say after listening to this whole album is ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Amazing’. This is one of the best ambient and atmospheric Black Metal album I’ve heard.

Another, thing I have to mention is the artwork. This beautiful Artwork is by the artist Mark Bundgaard Hansen. The artwork catches the eye of the listener and compliments the mood and the magic created by the music. It’s an absolute pleasure to see the artwork while listening to the music. (HaCeBo)