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Ohyda – W Imieniu Bestii [EP]

ohyda – w imieniu bestii [ep]


On the back of their excellent first EP, Ohyda started working on new material. Once more released by Wolfspell Records, the Polish band again brings us an EP filled with raw Black Metal, this time under the banner of ‘W imieniu Bestii‘.

Compared to the previous EP ‘Ohyda Spustoszenia’, a lot of things have stayed the same, but there are a few changes. The basis of the music is still firmly rooted in a sound that mixes influences of Darkthrone and old Behemoth. What has also remained is the delirious and fanatic vocal performance of Necheshetrion, who possibly sounds even more deranged than on the previous EP. However, most of the Burzum influences heard on the previous EP have been replaced for a more Les Légions Noires sounding inspiration. Coinciding with that change, the keyboards are pushed much further to the back, if they are present at all. Due to this newfound sound, the EP has a rawer and more furious touch to it, though the old school rocking midsection of the title track is just one of many ways in which Ohyda adds a little bit of variation to keep things interesting. Don’t let that fool you, tracks like the title track or ‘Błogosławieństwo nowego Eonu’ are far from nuanced and subtle, just chock full of killer Black Metal riffs. Closing track ‘W niewoli wilczych pragnień’ is the odd one out, clocking in over 9 minutes and focussing more on hypnotizing midtempo riffs. Although the ambient break feels a bit too long, Ohyda pulls this more repetitive type of Black Metal off quite well too.

In that sense, while a few things have changed between ‘Ohyda Spustoszenia’ and ‘W imieniu Bestii‘, the high quality at which the band professes their adoration of Darkthrone and Behemoth in particular is commendable. I personally like this newest EP even better than the debut EP, but there is reason enough to be impressed by both of the EPs. Besides the CD versions I wouldn’t mind at all if the material would also be released together on vinyl.