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Graveborne – 1918

graveborne – 1918

The third album of Finnish Graveborne is just simply been called “1918”, a concept album about the Finnish civil war of 1918 that lasted from the end of January till mid-May. A war about leadership and control, a war which is connected to World War I and a war with many stories. The Finish White Brigade, The Finish Red Brigade, the Russian empire, the German Empire, Tampere, Helsinki, Vyborg, terror, executions, prison camps, independence of Finland…a divided Finland. Certainly a part of history that is interesting to read about.

As said, Graveborne have chosen the theme for their 3rd album and accompanies it with variated Black Metal, to enhance the atmosphere with the historical facts. The variation goes from fast paced Black Metal in the Gorgoroth vein to sorrowful slow almost Doom Metal approaches and don’t be surprised if they  give a song a slight Folk-twist with a harmonica (just take a listen to “Jääkärin tie”). From fast to mournful and everything in between, “1918” became an interesting album with an interesting theme. (Ricardo)