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Sanguine Myst – Upon Sylvan Thrones [EP]

sanguine myst – upon sylvan thrones [ep]

The state of Oregon has given birth to the entity that goes by the name of Sanguine Myst. Created in 2019 by T.S., Khaos and L.V., a new beast ascends into the USBM circle. To start off: 2 songs was not enough. As I have read online, many music fans are “unhappy” which such, especially given the quality of these tracks. Each one a little over 7 minutes, each one with a heavy load of Darkness and Suffering. Really top-notch quality, in my opinion.

Rather than following the path of all the other projects and, why not, Worldwide Black Metal scene, their path is not the strictly Raw Black Metal one. No, they do conjure those demons, without a doubt, but they do have much more to them than “just” a dissonant wall of demonic guitar riffs. Imagine snowy landscapes and a heavy blizzard, a house at the distance. Imagine yourself struggling through that blizzard. Imagine the musical scenario one might craft given these guidelines. Sanguine Myst goes into that mental image. How? Ambience, my dear friends. Imagine, once again, Paysage d’Hiver and their craftsmanship, the way they paint images and sounds. You might get an idea of what we have here.

I give them a bit more of a dynamic feeling, than Paysage d’Hiver, mas this eerie cold sensation that runs through your body. The production really does it for me. Some of you probably would have preferred it to be clean and perfectly aligned with what we consider to be a crispy clean production, but I think that this was the right way to go: leave it Raw and add those atmospheric moments that give the tunes this sense of greatness. The vocals are almost buried underneath a pile of sounds and melodies. Yes, melodies! Melodies that are just superb. This is the sort of Black Metal that makes you dive into it in order to reach that riff, or that keyboard section, etc… Opening track – “Of Moon and Lycanthrope” – for example, has this magnificent riff to start it off, you hear a scream and keyboards just burst and the control of the track!

Pfff… now I understand the reason why people protest about the length of the EP. Well, I was not expecting such an offering from a fairly new band, but please, do carry on. (DanielP)