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Burier – Burier [Demo]

burier – burier [demo]

Burier brings to the table a noisy, lo-fi, and raw form of Black Metal on this demo. The drums are repetitive, the vocals are harsh, and the guitar work is noise-based and dissonant. There are multiple instances of dark, almost dungeon-synth-like passages, as well as some short sound effect samples, all of which add to the overall atmosphere that emotes vampiric themes, medieval seclusion, and the darker side of the natural world.

The vocal delivery is dreadful and saddening, bringing forth a depressive feel, and adding to the harsh wall of sound formed through the noisy guitars and repetitive drums. This demo is cold; cold like any good lo-fi Black Metal release. But, with this cold wall of ice comes somewhat of a lack of depth and dynamic sensibility. There are some great ideas here, but they are not divulged into enough to necessarily hinder the satisfaction of an original, emotionally potent, deeply conceptual black metal release. Despite this, the harsh Black Metal presented here from Burier is extremely depressive, and this factor reigns supreme throughout the listen.

This is a demo, so it is unfair to hold this to a full album standard. As a Black Metal demo, this release is great. It is worth a listen if you’re a in need for some harsh Black Metal with a medieval/vampiric feel. Let your ears bleed.  (NoahC)