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Broken Spirit – Demo Collections 2012-2017

broken spirit – demo collections 2012-2017

Not the first time it is mentioned here, but Australia and extreme Metal is love at first sight. This time it is B.H.’s one man Raw Black Metal project called Broken Spirit that is molesting the eardrums.

First this album got released on CD by Black Gangrene Productions and GoatawaRex released this collection of demos on 12” vinyl in 2019. You have raw lo-fi Black Metal with a bleak sound and you have raw lo-fi Black Metal with a heavy distorted sound, of which this compilation can be categorised in the latter category. Especially when a track has vocals it is a distorted maelstrom which can persuade the average Black Metal listener to skip the track.

An aura of decay and torment guided by disturbing Black Metal, the way the artist intended it. (Ricardo)