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Goathrone – Sodom & Gomorrah

goathrone – sodom & gomorrah

Goathrone from Poland are a bestial Black/Death band who released their debut “The Black” in 2018. A fine album filled with worthy blasphemous bestial black/death metal hymns. Members of this band or project (?) consist of Diabolizer (drums), Bloodwhip (guitars) and Lord K.ommander (vocals and mayhem). All three musicians also play & perform in several other Polish metal bands.

“Sodom & Gomorrah” is their interpretation of the biblical twin cities of evil, lust and depravation. “Prophets of Scum” opens with a rather sick cacophony of creepy sounds and the solemn voice of a woman speaking in Polish as an intro before it suddenly erupts into a whirlwind of heavy bashing drums, ripping guitars and a voice about it all, drenched in reverb – that hardly sounds human anymore. “Sodom & Gomorrah”, “Awakening the Dead”, “Goat Penis Mutilator”, “Mary Fist Orgasm”, “I Am the Vomit Lust” and “Coprophagous Christ” are projectile vomits in the face of our Holy Saviour Jesus Christ.

The albums meets all the requirements for a damn good album of unpure bestial black nasties. The thundering drums, the cataclysmic guitars, the cavernous sound, no shortage of evilness here. Goathrone make Anal Blasphemy sound like a choirboy. It’s unhealthy twisted ugly music for most people. And the main thing that sticks out of all this dis-puking hell-noise – are those ugly, deformed bestial vocals, that seem to be roared by a demon emerging from the Ninth Circle of Hell.

It’s a must-have for all your selfproclaimed Bestial Black/Death devotees out there. The only drawback, and this is the case with most of the Putrid Cult releases, is the short playing time of a bit over 33 minutes. But who am I to complain? Simple hit the damn replay button.

The first 30 copies came as an exclusive Die Hard version box with the CD, a T-shirt, MC, pin, sticker and a patch. 666 and turn those crosses upside down! (LV)