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Odal – Sturmes Brut [Re-Release]

odal – sturmes brut [re-release]


At the tail end of 2022 the German quality label Eisenwald reissued Odal’s debut album ‘Sturmes Brut’ on vinyl. Originally released in 2002 through the Christhunt Productions label, it hasn’t been available on vinyl for those two decades. On this reissue, the band and label present the album in its most original form, that means without bass guitar and with analogue remastering done from the original tapes. A true treat for anyone who likes their share of German Black Metal cult.

While some music tend to have difficulties standing the test of time, I always feel that this sort of almost minimalistic sort of Black Metal is pretty much timeless. Of course, this particular brand of Black Metal was primarily based on Bathory’s first album and the classic Darkthrone trilogy. Indeed, a massively regressive kind of Black Metal that breathes a grandiose authenticity. An ultimately raw sound with sharp and thin sounding riffs as well an equally piercing vocal delivery marks this start of this German Black Metal duo, who would go on and record an extensive discography. Altogether ‘Sturmes Brut’ sounds so authentic and genuine that it’s hard not to get carried away by it. This is definitely recommended to anyone who is up to speed with, say, Sargeist’s ‘Satanic Black Devotion’ or the early Satanic Warmaster material. Still not convinced? Take a listen to ‘Traum Von Finsternis’ and let the music do the talking.

On a more personal level, this really feels like the soundtrack of my first steps in the ‘real’ underground Black Metal scene. I used to play the old Odal recordings quite regularly around those early 00’s, in fact, today, as I write this, exactly 19 years ago, I wrote my first Odal review for Vampire-Magazine (VM-Underground’s predecessor). And still every now and then I do run into Odal again and then I always get overwhelmed by a warm feeling of nostalgia, despite those icy riffs.


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