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Aridus – Serpent Moon

aridus – serpent moon


Honestly, there are some extremely talented and hard working unknown individuals out there in the world of Metal. And these mysterious people have their hands in pieces of multiple places within the major genre category of Metal, yet they never seem to get their deserved and earned time in the spotlight.

Thankfully, for at least for one of them that’s about to change, thanks to Eisenwald Records, we are getting the debut full-length from Santa Fe, New Mexico in the United States’ one man band Aridus. A band solely helmed by the extremely talented, multi-instrumentalist and artist Galen Baudhuin. A gentleman who has been a part of many great acts, such as Manias, Trap Them and also live bass for Wolves In The Throne Room to name a few.

But with Aridus it is all Baudhuin, every single aspect. And what does the brainchild of someone who has been so versed in so many aspects of Metal? Well, I would have to say that Aridus sounds like a mix of Second Wave Black Metal in the vain of Beherit and Cascadian Black Metal ala Wolves In The Throne Room seamlessly mixed together with touches and splashes of some of those other aspects he has picked up along the way.

Buzzsaw guitars play riffs that harken back to the days of the Second Wave. Lush, gorgeous waves wash over you much like the movements of Cascadian. Solos that benefit and play to the song much like is done in most Death or just Metal in general really. There are minor, fist pumping, breakdownish sections that can harken to the Core/Punk approach. It’s all there. The fingerprints of everything that has touched Baudhuin throughout his life in music is present in one stellar entity, Aridus.

‘Serpent Moon’s is one hell of a debut from one hell of an artist. These six tracks play out as one of the best musical autobiographies to ever come along. Where the journey is extremely enjoyable while still being harrowing and viscous. With ‘Serpent Moon’ Aridus has announced their presence to the Black Metal world. You have now been officially warned.


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