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Panzerfaust – The Suns of Perdition – Chapter I: War, Horrid War

panzerfaust – the suns of perdition – chapter i: war, horrid war


Some people are prone to deduct on just a couple of infos and get the ridiculously wrong idea out of what they just thought of. I’ll admit it happens to me way too often. So, when Panzerfaust started streaming their fourth full length, “The Suns of Perdition: Chapter I. – War, Horrid War”, my first idea was ‘Here we go, another Marduk clone’… but thankfully, I can be an idiot on certain occasions, because this is much much better than Marduk.

Panzerfaust are a Canadian quartet, who started making music together back in 2005. Since then, they went through some line up changes (as far as I managed to find out, the band only has two original members left). They released a split, several EPs and, as stated before, their fourth full length, which is allegedly the first part of tetralogy. And now things get really exciting.

The bands take on Black Metal holds a certain charm, if not attractiveness, in how it’s presented to the world. While metal has a weird habit of overdoing certain emotions to the point of absurdity – think of hate, despair, violence etc. – yet in this case, the second the album starts, you’ll get the feeling you’re hiding in trenches while there’s a nuclear explosion putting an end to the civilization. You’ll get the war-like atmosphere, experience the war, but not the gory details which have a tendency to get exaggerated to beyond absurdity, somewhere in the range of Hollywood (where not really important details become the centre of the story). On the other side, nothing on this record is alleviated to please the listener. The songs give away the feeling you get when you experience war.

While this is Black Metal in the its most sincere form, there are different approaches and genres blended into it and on the whole, the album will go from Blackened Death (the ‘war’ metal sound) across Blackened Doom to absolutely hypnotic Atmospheric Black Metal. While a lot of artists claim they do not record any filler, this album is actually one of the very few to show how an album with no filler sounds like. I haven’t really heard of them before, but I certainly can’t wait for the next part of their very ambitious tetralogy, which they just started. (Black Mary)


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