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Fluisteraars – Gegrepen door de geest der zielsontluiking

fluisteraars – gegrepen door de geest der zielsontluiking


Dutch Black Metal tends to push me away. Not that it does not have quality, but Dutch musicians live, most of the times, in a separate, Universe. Their vision of the genre is very particular, very… a bit like what happened to many of the 2nd wave bands from Norway, that transitioned from a plain, simples, Black Metal scheme, to a renewed, transformed, otherworldly vision of Black Metal.

These mates are a perfect example, I dare say.

I saw this album listed in multiple sites, magazines, blogs, you name it, but it never appealed. I was then sent the promo for review. “Well, now I must listen to it”, was my first thought. And these cases exist to prove that I have very little time, and that you, Black Metal musicians, have too much spare time on your hands. Pause the creation, please.

This thing is amazing! It is Black Metal in its core, but it breaks the dome and flies towards a separate dimension, where there are no restrains, and purists are not allowed. This, is, Black Metal (Butler style)! How can a 20 plus minute track sound so light and easy to go through?! This is a 3-track album, and it does not reach the 40-minute mark!

To some of you, that have been following the band for years (they have been around since 2009, geez), my words can sound as those of a mad man, a guy that has been living under the rocks for ages, but I was truly unaware of how these lads sounded, until today. And it comes as a shock, as this almost Autumn like sound appeals so much to me. A bit like what Drudkh does: those dark, green, and red melodies, that seem like a walk through the woods during Winter. The Folk – but not Folk – melodies, intertwined with the deranged vocals, all wrapped up in a perfectly assembled box, take you to a special place. Musically speaking, again, this is Black Metal. It does touch other layers of the musical specter, and that is what makes it so beautiful. It takes you to places where you mind is at ease, resting on a bed made of mold, with Mother Nature softly caressing your face. What a bloody good combo, this is.

This is one of the best Black Metal albums of 2021, and I only heard it know… shame on me. Each one of these songs is a crescendo by itself, leading to a so well-designed ending. They make it seem almost effortless. It is, in the end, Atmospheric Black Metal with scents of this and that, but please, do not be fooled by the label, for labels tend to not describe, with exactitude, what Music tries to convey. (DanielP)


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