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Fluisteraars / Turia – De Oord [Split]

fluisteraars / turia – de oord [split]


Dutch Black Metal music is definitely on the rise and one of the most exhilarating Black Metal scenes active. From its lowlands and woodlands, new forces Dodecahedron, Laster, Terzij De Horde, Gnaw Their Tongues, Cirith Gorgor, Verwoed, Orewoet, Urfaust, Gorgor, Tarnkappe, Turia, Iskandr, Kjeld, Folteraar, Fluisteraars, Lubbert Das and Wederganger; represent different aspects of the Black Metal spectrum and well established the new phrase ‘New Wave of Dutch Black Metal’.

In September, 2018, two up-and-coming bands Fluisteraars and Turia from this Dutch scene got together to release the split “De Oord”. Fluisteraars from Gelderland and Turia from North Holland and also Gelderland, inspired by the history and nature of their surroundings and pursued an appealing concept in this split. “De Oord”, translates to the title “The resort”, an Old Dutch word to indicate the place where two rivers meet.  From a conceptual point of view, the split deals with two rivers (the Waal and the Rhine) that flow into each other in Gelderland, home of both bands. And to go one step further, both bands simultaneously recorded their contribution in the Klaverland Studio, which is located in a nature reserve where the Rhine enters the Netherlands and splits into the Lower Rhine and the Waal. The split consists of two songs where a story is told in which water is central and as a metaphor, the journey of the water is described starting from the quiet source to the deep of the sea and on its way all traces of the past erased.

Fluisteraars kick off with their close to 15-minute track “Oeverloos”. The song slowly dribbles away and acts like a broad stream where grim vocals of Bob Mollema, dilapidated mid-tempo, melancholic-playful riffs and weird synth dominate the track. Only after about six minutes Fluisteraars vary the tempo and after about nine minutes, the trio takes the tempo completely out into a somber, ambient-heavy passage outro. Turia contributed with “Aan den Golven of the Aarde Geofferd”. With eighteen minutes of playing time, the trio delivers the longest song where the pace is a lot elevated. Here, the band indulges in the more experimental, desolate and somewhere psychedelic side of its sound with their trademark repetitive riffs and cyclic drums through which the vocals of T sliced through as always and remarkably kept the whole composition enticing despite the challenging eighteen minutes of playing time.

The strongest point of “De Oord”, is the underlying concept and it’s depth of expression in the course of over thirty minutes, which undoubtedly establish the deep rooted essence and musicianship of these two innovative underground force.  “De Oord” is available on vinyl and CD, released by Eisenwald and on limited cassette by Haeresis Noviomagi. (Rocky)


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