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Nusquama – Horizon ontheemt

nusquama – horizon ontheemt


Nusquama are an Atmospheric Black Metal band from the Netherlands who, I assume, are rather new to the musical world. Seeing as this album, “Horizon ontheemt,” is their debut full-length, hell, it is their only recording know to date. Where exactly in the Netherlands they are from and when this band truly started I do not know, for there is no record of that anywhere that I can find. The only thing I have found and know is that this album was written over a two year period before entering a 19th-century coach house to lay down the tracks in September of 2018, with the album being available to all of you since March 22nd of 2019. So my guess is that Nusquama started sometime in 2016 but, honestly, it does not really matter. What does really matters here to me, and to you hopefully as well, is the music that is contained within “Horizon ontheemt.”

So what do we find within once we get inside you may be asking? Well, for the short and easy version, I would have to say that this sounds like a band that is fans of Burzum’s early days and Silencer’s only, amazing, album “Death – Pierce Me.” They took what they loved from there and shaped and molded it into their own, seamless musical shapes. And if that does not make sense to you; first off, I’m sorry, secondly, go find out. I’m sure you all know Burzum, it is the Silencer that I think many may not know. Yet, I will try to explain it all the best I can in a bit also just in case. There is a good mix of repetitive, droning Atmospheric Black Metal with Suicidal Black Metal. So, droning tremelo riffs that meld with the drums and bass, gut wrenching screams, ups and downs/peaks and valleys, all the hallmarks of the two sub-genres of Black Metal that I mentioned before. It is just flat out disgustingly beautiful, just the way I like it.

What I mean when I say that it is disgustingly beautiful is that within all the madness and chaos here there is a sense of true melancholy and beauty. It is almost like a piece written for a master level symphony orchestra but covered in some nasty, crusty distortion and soul crushing, wailing screams, a outstanding work of true Black Metal art. Much like the two exceptional bands I mentioned before. It is true beauty presented in a form considered by most people outside our metal spectrum as grotesque and disgusting. Nusquama’s “Horizon ontheemt” is a true piece of art that only us brave enough to wade through the “grossness” can really digest, understand and whole heartedly appreciate.  (Ben Schultz)


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