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Odal – Einst Verehrt Von Allen [EP]

odal – einst verehrt von allen [ep]


This “Einst Verehrt Von Allen” was previously released on the split vinyl with Ravens Empire. Shortly after a mini CD version was released through Darkland Records / Christhunt Records as well. With that difference that the last track on this release is put on as an extra bonus track, “Germansk” is a re-recorded track from their demo with the same title. Most of the people who are into the blackmetal scene at least a little must have known this band because of their previous album “Sturmes Brut” was quite hyped back then.

Unfortunately I have to say I missed their debut album, so that means I can’t compare it to its predecessor. I can say that the band plays blackmetal in the way the Norwegian ancestors do (or at least did). Yet, the band can’t reach the quality of their influential heroes, to begin this review. The four tracks on this mini CD are really great blackmetal tracks but in no way slightly innovative, groundbreaking or outstanding. I can’t even name one highlight from this release. It all sounds somewhat alike, which is I guess the weakest point on “Einst Verehrt Von Allen”. Yet, this is also the point of interest in another respect. The monotonous and repetitive songs, structures and themes make the listener hallucinating and gets him dragged through melancholy. There are not many bands/releases that get the same effect, a slumberous, deeply intense feeling. So this is a release with a typical thing that marks both the good and the weaker point. And to be exact and close this review, I am pretty sure that we can expect some more, and even more intense, releases in the future for this band had got its blackened heart at the right place.


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