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Angantyr – Ulykke

angantyr – ulykke

I’ve said it before; some bands always deliver. For me, Angantyr from Denmark is one of those bands that I personally consider in that category. All releases grabbed me right away, be it “Kampen fortsætter” or “Hævn”, to name two fine albums that Angantyr’s discography beholds…they all have quite some spins on the different devices on which I could play them. The difficulty is to maintain such high quality without being a mere copycat of yourself or changing your style for the better. For me, Angantyr don’t have to change a bit and just can keep those Black Metal hymns coming.

And let’s be honest; on “Ulykke” it is just main man Ynleborgaz doing what does best…creating raw and icy Black Metal with variation of pace, repeating riffs, great suiting vocals and wintry melodies. From “På sin moders grav” ‘till “Krageben”, all songs are once again top-notch. The difference with “Hævn” and “Forvist”, to take two examples, are the acoustic intermezzos, of which you can hear on “Et varsel om død” and “Lænket” of both albums. There aren’t any on this album, which is not a negative remark or anything, just pointing out a difference between the albums. Don’t know them but you enjoy something like old Taake, buy this one blindfolded…are you familiar with Angantyr, buy this one blindfolded. (Ricardo)