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Angantyr – Forvist

angantyr – forvist

After all these years I’m still curious when certain bands release a new album, only my curiosity is shifting when the years went by. 15 Years ago the new Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Emperor did the trick, nowadays it’s more the “hidden” gems. Yes, hidden between quotes because Angantyr, Arckanum, Drudkh or Necrophobic aren’t really that underground (anymore), still they haven’t disappoint me yet with a regular release since their debut. Since I received “Kampen Fortsætter” back in 2000, multi-instrumentalist Ynleborgaz mesmerized me with his traditional Second Wave yet atmospheric Black Metal compositions. I consider “Sejr” and especially “Hævn” (opening track is stunning!) as New Millenium Black Metal Masterpieces. I dare to say that “Forvist” beholds every element to join the aforementioned albums. Once again the riffs creating a high level of Nordic, Epic and Icy atmosphere which makes every track a “between 6 and 12 minutes”-delight. Some artists are able to write long epic tracks without being repetitious in a boring way. Bands like Drudkh, Darkestrah and Angantyr are the masters of today in my book. Epic Nordic Black Metal, Thy Name is Angantyr! (Ricardo)