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Autrest – Follow the Cold Path

autrest – follow the cold path


A view from a snowclad forest, with mountainsides reaching beyond where the eye can see. Hardly a scenery that you associate with the country Brazil, but this is exactly the image that Autrest used as the cover for their debut album ‘Follow the Cold Path’. And a thorough dive into the material of the album has shown that the artwork and music fit perfectly together.

The music played by the one-person band could probably best be described as atmospheric Black Metal, with leading melodies and supporting keys. But there’s more to the story of Autrest, using a sense of melancholy in their riffs that together with slow passages share plenty of similarities with Doom Metal acts such as Swallow the Sun. It wouldn’t be too strange to add My Dying Bride as influence as well, in particular in the way that the sound of violins has been incorporated in tracks such as ‘Follow the Cold Path’. But it’s the balance between icier uptempo passages with piercing shrieks and the slower and dreamlike sections with occasional growling that sows admiration. The acoustic strumming that balances the melodic riffs in ‘Time is a River’ are noteworthy, while ‘Firelight’ presents the band in a more Doomed style until it all breaks down in a more furious section and a haunting choir provides ‘Pale Light’ with the bleakest aspects of the album. Altogether, Autrest serves up a commendable mixture of atmosphere, melody and doom and gloom on their debut full-length.

Initially released by the band itself, within months after the release they seem to have garnered interest from Northern Silence Productions, a label that is known for their love of both Black Metal and Doom Metal. Based on the debut Autrest seems an excellent fit, as ‘Follow the Cold Path’ is an incredibly solid debut that certainly deserves attention.


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