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Sulpur – Embracing Hatred and Beckoning Darkness

sulpur – embracing hatred and beckoning darkness

“This is old-ways/old-days Black Metal entirely unmindful of nowadays Instagram “record collectors” and selfie dress-up cultural tourists”…Are there any questions from the audience?

The purpose of Sulpur is without any doubt clear, to get away from the arena tainted with the nowadays social media influence and go back when the aesthetics were a combination of hatred and rawness…and only available for thy who made an effort to know the existence of the underground black art played by the unknown. Having no information about the individual(s) behind Sulpur can be considered as another part of the old puzzle as well.

The sound is a bit gritty yet every musical idea is audible, while the Black Metal itself has some similarities, riff wise and not sound wise, with early Isvind and early Thunderbolt, the more mid 90s Norwegian mixed with the Polish raw melodic approach.

If you think the statement of Sulpur is pretentious, arrogant or “doesn’t fit this time and age” and makes you decide not to check this one out, you will miss out on a fine Old School Black Metal album. On the other hand, Sulpur already has the catchphrase “this is not for you” ready. (Ricardo)