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Crows Over Brávellir – Spells of the Dead / Into Kingly Death [EP]

crows over brávellir – spells of the dead / into kingly death [ep]


Crows Over Brávellir is a Blackened Doom Metal band from Noorkoping, Sweden that formed in 2016. The trio consists of Martin Gustafsson (vocals & guitars), Rikard Blid (bass) and Stefan Kronqvist (drums); for the recording of their EP “Spells of the Dead” Tomas Lagren served as the drummer. The band has a sound which has been compared to others in the genre like Primordial, Edge of Sanity, and Celtic Frost.

I was a little surprised that there were only two songs to listen to; even for an EP that is a really short track list. The title track, “Spells of the Dead,” has an excellent intro which creates a very dark atmosphere immediately. Vocalist Gustafsson adds to the darkness even more with his performance which starts out gutteral before becoming nearly melodic with just the right touch of classic Heavy Metal undertone to it. With its’ exceptional guitar riffs, solid percussion and well-crafted bassline the song flows along almost effortlessly even after it slows a bit towards the middle. Include the great guitar solo towards the end of the track and you have one truly outstanding song.

“Into Kingly Death” is the other track on the EP. I really like the bass intro which is followed by some very lovely guitar riffs. It gives the song tension and drama before it is even two minutes into the 12 minute long composition. Although I hate to use this word, “epic” is about the best way to describe the opening, which goes on for almost three minutes before the vocals start. I like the lack of harmony between Gustafsson’s voice and the backing music; as odd it sounds, it actually works quite well. After the five minute point within the track the pace and mood changes and becomes far more psychedelic in sound and nature. Luckily, the song continues to be as heavy as Hell so I found myself wanting to listen until the very end.

My only complaint is this; two songs, JUST two songs??? More, please, and the sooner the better, Crows Over Brávellir. (LouiseB)

Crows Over Brávellir

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