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Sleepwalker – 一 期 一 会

sleepwalker – 一 期 一 会


If you mix Sunn O))), King Crimson and Black Metal you can be a little closer to wha t夢遊 病 者 performs, but only something near. Finding with productions like this, leaves you thinking how far we are from opening our brains and the incredible capacity of someone to break everything established. I’m not sure if the trance of listening to this album (一 期 一 会) should be accompanied with acids or weed, although it may not be necessary, because in and of itself this production is already too psychotropic, ritualistic.

Let’s start with the band. 夢遊 病 者, which means Sleepwalker in the English language, is the union of musicians from the USA, Russia and Japan, although it would not be a surprise to learn that they come from other parts of the galaxy. The inspiration seems to be chaos, madness, the strange and they know how to translate it into their music, which goes beyond what we can understand as such. There is no coherence in the structures of 夢遊 病 者, but an order in all that chaos. It is not that they are wandering harmonies or placing things at random. Their madness focuses on the brazen handling of melody and rhythm, achieving unthinkable things. They even make fun over the sound, because in many cases they shade it with total intention, while the voice is buried at a point that seems to come from another dimension.

一 期 一 会 consists of six tracks, one more insane than the other. The first “Sitting for the road” is performed as a dark intro, quite atmospheric, with a background instrumentalization that refers you to sounds from the East. The bass enter marking the pattern of what will come later: a guitar with a lot of fuzz that breaks (or exalts) with chaotic irruptions and buried and quite reverberated shouts. It is difficult to define what this song is, but to put it in easy we could say that it moves between Black Metal, noise, atmospheric and psychedelia.

Next comes the strange “If return – a Mirror Glance”, which can be said to appeal to post-Black Metal, but stealthily is turning towards the jazz (?) to later lighten the percussion base and resort again to the influence of the East. One of the highlight moments of this album is “No premature celebrations”, surely the most sinister track of this album, with some pretty chilling screams, and a crushing density. In the middle of the song make apparition sad and reflective melodies perfectly decorated with the bass and some guitar’s symbiosis ranging from harmonization, acoustic sounds, delays … a total madness.

If 夢遊 病 者 wanted to represent schizophrenia, it is likely that they have achieved it. (MarioR)

Sentient Ruin Laboratories

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