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Deströyer 666 – Call of the Wild [EP]

deströyer 666 – call of the wild [ep]

After the well-received “Wildfire” album back in 2016, K.K. Warslut and his wolfpack Deströyer 666 break the new millennium tradition and wrote new songs and released new material within 2 years after the last release. “Call of the Wild” beholds 3 new tracks and a new re-recorded song of the “Terror Abraxas” EP, which was released in 2003. Opener “Violence is Golden” is nothing more and nothing less but a straight in your face mid-tempo Thrasher with a pummelling double bass as the heartbeat of the song, which transforms to an Old School rockin’ Heavy/Thrash in the middle. All in all a true “Fist in the air, beer in your hand, scream along” song. With “Stone by Stone” and “Call of the Wild” the tempo is a bit higher, but still with a lot of variation in it, for example “Call of the Wild” has a great epic chorus which is a great sing along for the audience during live performances. Closing track “Trialed by Fire” is the recorded track I mentioned before, and if you like the epic Desaster tracks on “A Touch of Medieval Darkness” or “Hellfire’s Dominion”, you will love this one as well. If you aren’t familiar with the “Terror Abraxas” EP, ofcourse, than you already know what kind of quality I’m talkin’ about. Let’s just be glad there are stubborn acts like Deströyer 666 in our scene, who are capable of writing quality and catchy Blackened Thrash and keep on going doing that which they do best. (Ricardo)