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Enthroned – Cold Black Suns

enthroned – cold black suns

Warp speed Black Metal veterans Enthroned from Belgium are back with a new full length and a release which can easily been named as their Magnus Opus so far. After „Sovereigns“, which already showed a more versatile style than known from the band, „Cold Black Suns“ goes even further and adds more of the territories the band explored on the previous album.

The rapid fire war machine is still an important part of Enthroned and a real trademark of the band. With „Cold Black Suns“ they show us another facette of their black blood. Thagirion shines bright and eradicates what is around and makes space for something new. The snake got rid of its skin once more and so did Enthroned. Focused more on cold atmosphere and inner darkness, the band brings slow sections into their sound with killer riff variations and changes, which feel alien and from outer space. Some parts remind me of later Blaze of Perdition in terms of style and atmosphere.

The slight melancholic touch, the dynamic while cold production and the versatile song writing make this a fantastic trip into the dark side of own inner self. Great album, hopefully just the beginning of a new chapter. (DPF)