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Omega Infinity – The Anticurrent

omega infinity – the anticurrent


Those who follow the likes of Ne Obliviscaris probably already discovered the 2 man Blackened Death Metal project known as Omega Infinity when it first launched back in 2020 with ‘Solar Spectre’. A lot of people were impressed by the harsher sound and chaotic spacey Black Metal approach- like a less chaotic Darkspace- but a lot also felt that it was a bit boring and repetitious. Members Xenoyr who does the harsh vocals here and for Ne Obliviscaris along with Tantakel P. who has worked with Todtgelichter both tried to create the icy void of space with the sound of their music where it went from being a more raw Symphonic Black Metal storm to just very Prog/Industrial quiet with a lot of electronic influences. Almost 3 years later fans have album no. 2, ‘The Anticurrent’. And it definitely feels a step in the right direction with better songwriting and production.

Omega Infinity has found their balance here. If anyone felt that the previous release was too one sided or too ‘separated’ then that is definitely corrected here. The harsh Black Metal elements are still there but the electronic elements and even symphonic elements like the keyboards and piano are more spread amongst the other sounds- the band doesn’t do 1 harsh track and then a spacey interlude trade to cushion things. As a result, the music sounds more akin to a roller coaster ride with a few more loops and flips at a theme park versus a typical up and down one that gives less a thrill at the county fair. A bit like Dødheimsgard. The drums are less thick and pounding and the overall production and atmosphere is less hazy, letting a bit of the Death Metal elements shine through more. Xenoyr’s vocals are more a healthy mix of roars and shrieks with some vocal manipulation for echoes and spoken bits here and there such as on ‘Banish Us from Eden’. And then sometimes they are layered on tracks like ‘To the Stars’. Musically, Tantakel P. adds in a lot more electronic influences among the guitars, some icy and cold to fit the harsh Black Metal atmosphere such as on ‘The Alpha’ and then more Industrial charged like ‘To the Stars’. Bass work is a bit buried but much less compared to the previous album.

There are also a few guests on the album which round out the music more, namely Adrienne Cowan of Seven Spires on ‘Iron Age’ and ‘Death Rays’ with Lindsay Schoolcraft (who is also in another project with Xenoyr entitled Antiqva). Adrienne sings while Lindsay is more spoken word like her work on Cradle of Filth and even the overall atmosphere of both tracks seem more mystical and spacey with their help. While it is doubtful that either guest will become a permanent member, it is sure that adding in extra vocalists help elevate Omega Infinity’s music and make the album more interesting and stand out compared to the last one, much like how Decapitated added guests to their last album ‘Cancer Culture’. Omega Infinity also try to stretch their time limit too by adding in the 12 minute epic ‘Voices From the End of Time’ which is a nice touch experimentation/pushing limits but does feel like it carries on too long and brings in the issues of the first album, especially with the repetition after the 8 minute mark. But it still closes the album on a memorable note.

Overall, fans who didn’t like the first album from these guys will probably dig this a lot more. For Black Metal fans in general it is a good listen for those who like a mix of Industrial or Symphonic elements in their music but it doesn’t come off like an orchestral Dimmu Borgir or a chaotic dissonance like Blut Aus Nord where one really has to enjoy the genre to get into it. ‘The Anticurrent’ is a refined gaping void of not total emptiness and quite a bit more wonderous than some might have thought, whether they heard them earlier or for the first time. Omega Infinity have definitely stepped in the right direction here and hopefully will continue to do so. For those lucky enough to get the physical version of this album there are 2 bonus tracks, one being a cover of ‘Ye Entranceperium’ by Emperor and it does it justice. There is also another cover by Sear Bliss with Andras Nagy, who ironically is actually in Sear Bliss and also lends his work on ‘Voices from the End of Time’. So that is a nice homage as well to the artist for his help. Definitely worth checking out for those who want something entrancing or just to head bang to.

Omega Infinity

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