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Necrophobic – Womb of Lilithu

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A discography with only flawless albums. Not a lot of bands are able to present such a fine record, if you ask me. According to my taste, Necrophobic is one of those bands as the first effort “Slow Asphyxiation” is a cult demo and the previous album “Death to All” was once again a Blackened Death Metal juggernaut. And don’t get me started on all the albums in between. Well, I will mention one: “Darkside” which is one of those ultimate mixes of everything what is good in both the Death Metal and Black Metal styles. But let’s talk about “Womb of Lilithu” as it is not 1997 anymore. As you may know, it’s the last album with Tobias Sidegård on vocals as he found guilty on domestic abuse charges and they parted ways because of that. But on “Womb of Lilithu” he is present with his typical and charismatic raspy vocals. Actually, everything you and I like about Necrophobic is present on their new album; the dark diversity within the songs, fierce riffs, powerful leads and the well-known Blackened Death Metal melodic layers without decreasing in brutality. This time the band have chosen to use more of those orchestral (without comparing them with Therion during “Vovin” or something like that) elements they used on songs like on the title track of “Hrimthursum”. Still, this album misses a couple of outstanding tracks to make the whole album “outstanding”. There is no “Blinded by Light, Enlightened by Darkness” or “Revelation 666” on this album sort of speak. It’s decent, fuck me…it’s more than decent, but the band have risen the bar higher with their previous albums. You can’t blame me for that. (Ricardo)